Russian Invasion of Ukraine and It’s Effect on its Education

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the first large scale invasion of an entire European country since World War 2. Due to Russia’s invasion, US and NATO nations have currently imposed massive sanctions on the Russian government. Not only are the Russians suffering a massive shortage in supplies due to the sanctions, but also are being cut off from the rest of the world. Companies and businesses in US or NATO have ceased their operations in Russia. Companies like Nvida, Disney, and even McDonalds are currently not in service in Russia. And just like how companies are cutting ties, universities are doing the same.

MIT’s statment on the suspendsion of their MIT-Russia and Eurasia program on their website

MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has suspended their MIT-Russia program and stated that they “will not be sending students, staff, or faculty to Russia”. That is only one of many universities that have stopped working or sending their staff and students to Russia. Dutch institutions froze scientific collaboration, Danish universities cut ties with Russia and Belarus, and the European University Association (EUA) has suspended 12 Russian members who backed Russia’s invasion.

Sanctions and their Effects

Russian’s attitude to the US according to public data published by the Levada Center

It is understandable why universities around the world are cutting ties with Russia. Being any way associated to Russia is not a good look. But this sanctioning could instead foster more hatred in Russian citizens, rather than discourage the Russian government. According to the data collected by the Levada Center, a non-governmental organization who conducts regular surveys in Russia, that more than 50% of its citizens have a negative view of the US. 60% of surveyed Russian citizens also believe the escalation in Ukraine was the US’s fault. With almost all western companies, businesses, and universities cutting ties with Russia, it isolates Russia physically and ideologically. Especially universities that pull out of Russia is a huge blow to the Russian students.

Russian students attending or in programs that were suspended have their progress towards their degree halted. Not being able to continue their education or research just because they are Russian citizens or part of a Russian organization could be seen as discrimination. Its not difficult to see how this action can foster more hate in the US than their own government.


In conclusion, by stopping education programs to Russia could backfire. Russians with already negative feelings towards the US could feel discriminated. On the other hand, the lack of higher education choices, supplies, and amenities is putting pressure on Putin to take action. Hopefully this conflict will be resolved soon and the suspensions of these programs will only be a temporary measure.



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