What to Consider When Applying to a Korean University

Most universities in Korea offer courses in English. And they offer Korean language and culture courses as well. But choosing which one to attend is a difficult choice. Their capital city, Seoul, has around 40 universities. Your university experience vary widely from attending one or the other.

What Major are you going for?

An arieal view of Seoul National University

There are numerous universities in South Korea. Knowing which university teaches your subject the best is crucial for academic career. The best university in South Korea, Seoul National University (SNU), teaches almost every subject and ranked #1 in South Korea according to US news. There are other excellent options besides SNU, such as the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Becaues it is considered the finest place to study engineering and science in South Korea, KAIST is one of the leading universities in technological advancements South Korea. Its alumni are highly sucessful, like Rim Ji-Hoon, who was ranked No.1 in “2017 Korea’s Best CEO”.

Location of the University

The location of the university is also one of the important factors to have a positive university experience. SNU is located in the heart of Seoul. Seoul has a convenient public transportation system and a large international community. Because of that, Seoul is an ideal city for an international student to study in. Also, Seoul is home to nine out of the 10 best universities in South Korea, giving you an abundance of choice in which university to attend.

KAIST is located two hours from Seoul but considered the best university in Korea to study sciene and technology.

One notable univeristy outside of Seoul would be KAIST. KAIST is located two hours away from Seoul in Daejeon, making it one of the few universities that is internationally recognized to be located outside of Seoul. Daejeon, although not as populated or modernized like Seoul, has numerous entertainment districts and a large international population.

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