To Address the Teacher Shortage, Standards for Becoming a Teacher Have Been Lowered.

What is Teacher Certification?

Teacher certification is a proof-based promise that allows teacher candidates to become teachers. Holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and typically must complete a teacher preparation program are required for teacher certification – Arizona uses a two-tier system in which educators first apply for the initial 3-year provisional certificate appropriate to the area of teaching focus and then advance to the 6-year standard certificate after earning teaching experience.

What are the current issues confronting educators?

According to, 55 percent of educators are ready to leave the profession earlier than planned, doing more work than expected, and being underpaid. Burnout symptoms, as well as stress and depression, have increased among educators, with only 30% of teachers satisfied with their current positions. It was reported that the reasons teachers felt ready to leave were a lack of support, a heavy workload, and struggles with student behavioral issues at school.

How are districts and governors dealing with the teacher shortage?

Recognizing the issue, Governor Ducey signed legislation to expand training pathways for future educators by providing the opportunity to pursue a career in education and assist children in catching up. Going into training before getting a teacher certificate or finishing a degree would benefit educators by increasing their flexibility in obtaining a teacher license.

For example, in Arizona, a teacher shortage has lasted six years, with 26 percent of teacher vacancies remaining unfilled by the end of 2021, and more than half filled by teachers who did not meet the standard to become a teacher.

“Government regulations surrounding the teacher certification process can impose undue burdens on teachers and can subsequently limit the pool of qualified professionals in the field – Alternative credentialing can break down these regulatory burdens, making it easier to hire and retain more teachers.” Wrote ALEC officials, in education and workforce development area.

While Arizona has eliminated the process of teachers teaching without a teacher certificate, Alabama has also made changes to

According to WSFA, Alabama, Montgomery has reported that the Alabama has lowered the minimum score for teacher certification test score between the regular cut score and minus one standard error of measure, so about five points below, so those who are in the required score range with higher normal GPA can receive the teacher certificates, and as a result, nearly 1,200 teachers scored one standard error measure below a passing score for those who took tests between Sept.

The Kentucky Professional Standards Board and the Kentucky Department of Education approved an emergency regulation alternative route to teaching certification – an EPSB-approved college or university may collaborate with a school district or educational cooperative to develop an expedited certification program that results in a bachelor’s degree and initial teaching certification.

“We’re being proactive about it like many districts are, but the challenge is real.” Said Dr. Marty Pollio, the JCPS Superintendent to WYMT, addressing the teacher shortage and emphasizing the need to come up with the solution.

As a solution to the teacher shortage, the Houston Independent School District offers the program to enroll in their alternative certification program to become full-time teachers.

Along with the ACP, the district has implemented one of the most competitive salary compensation plans, with new teacher salaries starting at $61,5000 plus $2,000 signing bonuses. According to click 2, up to $5,000 stipends are offered to teachers in areas where there is a critical teacher shortage, and the same amount stipends are given to all bilingual and special education teachers.

To address the issue of teacher shortages, school districts are raising teacher salaries with bonuses and lowering the requirements to become an educator. However, there have been no significant improvements in resolving teacher shortages, but hopefully impartial compensation for teachers will bring back the teachers who plan to leave – though consider whether lowering the standards for teacher certification exams is truly the best they can think of – which may eventually impact the students’ education.


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